Astronomical Data

Noveria is a unique polar-ring galaxy. It is the only such galaxy having, as its host, a “late-type lenticular galaxy”. It was probably formed when two galaxies collided a billion years ago.

The ring is not actually polar, but rather has an inclination from the plane of the host disk of approximately 45 degrees. The extreme number of pinkish star-forming areas that occurs along the galaxy’s ring could be the result of the gravitation interaction caused by this collision. The ring is 3,16 GigaAUs across – much broader than the disk itself – and has a greater amount of gas and star formation than the host ring. This likely indicates a very violent formation. The polar ring contains objects numbering in the hundreds. Many of these are red and blue supergiant stars. The most recently created stars in the ring were just formed approximately 7 million years ago. This indicates that the formation of these stars has been a long process and is still occurring.

The disk itself is about 2,28 GigaAUs across and has a very active black hole in it’s center. Many regions of the disk are having a vast amount of star formation, so luminous that it is considered to be a starburst galaxy.


Noveria is divided into seven sectors six located at the central disk and one which spans the entirety of the ring.


Although each sector is comparable to an independent state, with it’s own government, laws and culture, galactic politics is overseen by the Galactic Administration Complex.
In int’s role the GAC watches over the strict compliance with the inter-sector treaties, set standards for intergalactic data transfer via the Extranet, calendar, official language and many things more from speed limits for inhabited solar systems to intergalactic economics.

The GAC is neutral and placed in a solar system, which has been declared sector free. It has therefore no affiliations with any of the seven sectors. The personnel working for the GAC consists of an equal amount of members from the four great factions ( Arilique, Shohare, Haroun and Ellenians) as well as small delegation from the Free Worlds.

While planetary or even interplanetary conflicts are deemed matter of the faction owning the territory, as well as handling crime or piracy, the GCA will act if a conflict between emerges baring the imminent danger of an intersector war. In this case the GCA will act as peace keepers in diplomatic, as well as a military way. The only other two reasons of a direct intervention into sector space are the prosecution of the organized crime and suspicion of anti-AI laws broken.


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