Arilique Federation

General Information

The Arilique Federation spans two sectors and therefore is one of the largest factions regarding both area and overall population.
Sectors: 1 and 3

While the Arilique Federation has it’s roots in Sector 3 they’ve take over their neighbor sector and integrated it into their federation. Much to the dismay of the Shohare Consortium, which had a similar plan at the time.



An old joke states, that, if the Arilique went to war, they are sending an army of lawyers instead of soldiers.



Arilique from Sector 3 tend to be Caucasian with fair or ginger hair and an eye colours ranging from green over blue to grey.
While Arilique from Sector 1 don’t look that different from the ones living in Sector 3, their skin tends to be little darker. They have brown hair and eye colours ranging from green to brown.
Orginating from planets with n gravity, Arilique from both sectors have an average hight of about 165 – 190 cm.


Functional but gifted with a sense of beauty with few edges and smooth forms.
Some might mock, that the Arilique’s technologies tend to be style over substance.


Arilique live mostly in gigantic Skyscrapers that also function as small cities, which provide the inhabitants with almost everything they might need. These “cities” are surrounded by vast areas of planetary nature as well as parks.


To an outsider it might look like Arilique always wear business clothing or uniforms and don’t even have a concept of casual clothing. But for a Arilique there are great differences between business/uniform and casual. Just because other factions pursue a rather anarchistic approach to fashion it doesn’t mean the federation has to join in.

Places of Interest

  • Verda (planet; seat of government)
  • AMMC (space station; seat of mercantile marine)

Arilique Federation

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