Haroun Alliance

General Information

The Haroun Alliance is said to be the first Faction to regain the ability to interstellar travel. Led into space by the Saeki Clan, the first encounter with another civilization was at the Celestis Constellation with the Ellenians.
Haroun and ellenian history are closely linked, but the relationship of the two factions is still marked by mutual distrust.

The Haroun Alliance is located in Sector 4 for of Noveria.


Before the second age of the Sky Walkers, the Haroun lived on their home world divided in different tribes, called clans. Each clan was led by a Kanchota. When the Haroun took to the skies again they preserved their traditions and so the Alliance still consists of a multitude of independent clans.


Because each clan has its own cultural characteristics it is quite hard to describe the Haroun culture. However there are some characteristics that all clans share.



Haroun have a dark skin tone, with black hair and eye colours that range from amber to black, depending on they’re clan of origin.
Originating from planets with l gravity, Haroun have an average height of about 190 – 210 cm.


Functional. Haroun tech seems to follow rarely any design. Even ships of the same build do often look quite unique and it tends to drive the GCA almost nuts. But despite looking like pieces of scrap metal welded together in a haphazard way their tech is known for it’s sturdiness and durability. Haroun space stations are known for being able to withstand hits by asteroids and even concentrated bombardment for a while, without shields.



Places of Interest

  • Aton (planet; Ketachs place of birth)
  • Jahir (solar system)
  • Karona (solar system; office of KA ltd.)
  • Kurani Station (space station)

Haroun Alliance

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