Holy Ellenian Empire

General Information

Though the Holy Elenian Empire is the smallest of the factions regarding both population and area it’s a force to be reckoned with and non of the other factions would make the mistake to underestimate the Ellenians. The Haroun once did and the’d payed a very high price for it.

The Empire spans Sector 5 of Noveria.


As a theocracy Elenia is governed by the holy council, which is headed by the Patrius or the Matria para Entitae.


Elenians are quite religious and believe in a god called the Entity.

Although ellenians accept other religious believes within their population, they don’t like it very much when it is practiced publicly. Furthermore no one who isn’t a member of the state church can possible dream of occupying an high ranking office, study or even getting payed equally.



Elenians have quite unique, almost alien look. So they quite literally stand out where ever they go except from their home sector. Their skin and hair almost white, due to an incapability to create melanin. Their eye colours ranging from gray to red. Their ears slightly pointed.
Originating from an l gravity ellennian bodies seem almost fragile, while their average hight is about 190 – 220 cm.

Tech-design and Achitecture

Elenians valiue artistic designs in technologie as well as in achitecture. Following the idea of art and design as part of everyday life. The design typically employes intricate curvilinear patterns of sinuous asymetrical lines, often based on plant-forms.


Places of Interest

Celestis (central constellation of Sector 5)
Ellenia (planet; seat of government)

“I guess the Ellenians have a rule against quite everything, that is fun.” – Silver

Holy Ellenian Empire

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